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According to majority of children, the shore is a playground full of adventure and lighthearted pleasure during the summer. Unfortunately, children are not awakened to reality; they are unaware of the horrific truth of the shore. The shore is a horrendous place to visit during the summer time. Disturbing factors of the beach include the disgusting people, the troublesome sand, and the filthiness. For one thing, the shore is a horrendous place to visit during the summer because of the disgusting people that are spotted. For example, if you enjoy watching TLC’s reality television show “My Six Hundred Pound Life” then you’ll enjoy some of the people on the shore. Rolls of fat cover what these obese people consider their bathing suit, making…show more content…
For example, the water will make you vomit. Once you step foot in the water, you are stepping into an underground sewer. You are swimming in other people’s bodily fluids. You can clearly see the pigeon and seagull poop floating on top of the water. The water is a dark, concentrated color, with a strong urine type odor. In addition, away from the water and onto the sand, there is trash thrown everywhere. The trashcans have no room left in them, causing people to throw their waste on the ground. Birds are feasting off of the waste. Moreover, the bathrooms on the shore are sure to make you sick to your stomach. As soon as you enter a bathroom an intense heat is brought upon you making the unwanted odor stronger. The bathrooms have never been cleaned. There is dirty toilet paper all over the floor. The sinks are covered with; curly, straight, wavy, black, blonde, red hairs, and any other color you can think of, that people left behind after brushing their hair. To actually use the bathroom, you might as well float your bottom up because you will not want to sit on those dirty toilet seats covered in urine, blood, and

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