Describe The Waterfront Research Paper

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Descriptive Paragraph: The Storefront The wind batters the dilapidated store’s rain shattered doors, flinging them wide open and jerking them shut with a loud thud. In the caved-in front window hangs an illegible rusty neon sign. A rotten, soiled flag, barely clinging to the flagpole outside, snaps and curls around the gusts. Inside, faint imprints of muddy boots sink into the dirty floor, and fan out from the entrance, while the frigid air gently sweeps in debris from the streets. Only the sound of the howling wind and rain echos through the small hollowed building. Therein lies racks and racks of shelves, picked clean; the aisles littered with refuse, caked with filth. Through the fragmented skylight above, the deluge comes down through

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