Describe Two Major Ways In Which A Company Can Grow Case Study

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Course: BUS 2207
Instructor: Marchelle Land
Date: May 25, 2016

1) Describe two major ways in which a company can grow. Give examples to illustrate the two ways of growing:

The first major way in which a company can grow is innovation and taking risks. Innovative processes will help the company in which a company can grow because the innovative processes of company are able to create new markets. The example of the innovative processes of a company is introduction of new products or services because it can be the process of the existing market collapse. Also, innovative processes will be with taking risks. A company must take the risks when they do innovative processes because it is no wonder that
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Actually, there are many barriers to international growth such as knowledge, language, culture, and etc., but the Davis Service Group had some same aspects to overcome the barriers. First, Berendsen’s business that was taken over by the Davis Service Group operates across several European countries and they uses English as a common language. Using different language is very difficult for growth of companies. Thus, using same language might have encouraged horizontal growth of the Davis Service Group. Second, the Berendsen operates are similar culture to the UK. Third, the countries in which Berendsen operates already used the Euro or had currencies linked to the Euro.
Best practices of the Berendsen such as learning a lot each other and share good ideas have encouraged organic as opposed to inorganic growth, also building on existing resources can encourage organic growth because companies can have equipment or they do not need rent out textiles.

4) If the company were to expand into new areas of the globe, where would you recommend and why? What factors might encourage or discourage this
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