Describe Valjean's Life Before Prison

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9. What did Monsieur Myriel do when he first became the bishop? He insisted on switching rooms with the patients of the hospital next door, whom live in cramped and dangerous conditions.

10. Why was the newcomer not welcomed in the town? The newcomer, Jean Valjean, was not welcome in the town because he was a convict.

11. What do the two women want the bishop to do just before the newcomer arrives? The two women wanted to reinstall the old bolts in the door.
12. a. What is the newcomer’s name? The newcomer is Jean Valjean. b. How long had he been in prison? Valjean had been in prison for nineteen years.

13. Describe Valjean’s life before prison. Valjean used to live with his sister, her husband, and their seven kids. When his sister’s husband died, Jean took over as the head of the family, but they
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21. What does the bishop do when the gendarmes bring Valjean back? The bishop let Jean go in peace and also gave him two silver candlesticks.

22. What does the bishop buy with the candlesticks? The bishop buys Jean’s ‘soul’ with the candlesticks, taking it away from the darkness and bringing it into the light.

23. a. What does Jean Valjean do to Petite Gervais? Jean takes Petite Gervais’ forty-sous piece. b. What does this do to his parole? This action would have put his parole in danger, as he had stolen from Petite Gervais and the police would be looking for him.

24. Why does Valjean cry? The weight of Valjean’s bad conscience had finally caught up to him and it overwhelmed him; breaking his promise with the bishop, who had been so nice to him, had broken him.

25. a. Who stops to admire the mother and her daughters? Fantine stops to watch the mother and her children in admiration, as they were very beautiful. b. What do we learn about the observer’s
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