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Unit 7
1.2 Describe ways in which discrimination may deliberately or inadvertently occur in the work setting-
Discrimination could occur in a workplace at any time and could be to do with someone’s race, gender, age, disability or sexuality. This could mean that a police or procedure is set in place and is meant to equally refer to all staff working in the setting. This means that if a police or procedure is made clearly to everyone and is equal and not everybody is able to deal with a procedure then this means that they have ben discriminated.
Be able to work in an inclusive way

2.1 Identify which legislation and codes of practice relating to equality, diversity and discrimination apply to own role-
When working in a childcare setting, all legislation and codes will apply to everyone, this is to make sure that staff understand the
Importance of dealing with each situation. The legislation and codes of working in a childcare setting are,
• The equality act 2010
• Children act 2004
• Care standards act 2002
• Childcare act 2006
• Special educational needs and disability act 2001.
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For example Egyption children have one hand for eating and one hand for toilet use, this means that in their culture they are not able to eat with the other hand. Another way of respecting their beliefs is to make sure that we support their eating whilst they are at the nursery for example if they don’t eat meat, they may need an alternative such as halal. This may happen if a parent decides they do not want a child to eat a certain food that is their preference and it will be on the food allergy chart so that the caterors can make the same food without a certain product so that all the children are treated the same at meal

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