Describe What Is Meant By A Positive Environment Essay

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1.1 Describe what is meant by a positive environment
A positive environment means that every child is supported in all areas of learning and development. It is very important to have a setting set up to cover all areas of learning, but making sure the environment is attractive will also help and be more effective with the children’s exploring and curiosity. It is also important for the children to have a good relationship with adults and their peers, as this will help them to begin respecting each other and property of the setting. By having a good positive environment will help develop a child’s physical ability and development, social emotional development, intellectual development and language development. It’s important for all children …show more content…

Make tooth brushing fun by using an egg timer for example , brushing your teeth with the child will enable you to supervise them as well as teaching them the routine. Encourage your child to eat good sugars found in fruit etc. as appose to sweets and crisps.

3.3 explain how a positive environment and routine meet the emotional needs of children and their families
The wishes of the child’s parents must be taken into consideration as must the routine of the setting, you can get to understand the family’s needs by building a relationship with them through daily communications, with a smiley and friendly manner. For example if the child usually has a nap at home we will incorporate this in their day at the setting. the best way to support the child is by observing them and record them in learning story’s , long observations and reports, as well as each child’s individual learning plan , to help us support their individual needs.

3.4 describe the importance for physical and mental wellbeing of balancing periods of physical activity and rest and quiet

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