Describe With Examples How Children's Development May Be Negatively Affected By Situations

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Where children live and the way they are brought up by their parents/carers has an effect on whom they are as a person and how they will develop. For instance if parents are rich or poor, live in good or bad housing, if they are capable loving carers or struggle with parenthood and/or their own (mental) health, or if there is abuse or lack of interest in the family unit, all these circumstances will make a difference to a child’s life and their physical and emotional health might be affected by these different scenarios. A child’s family and their home should be their safe haven and if it is not, then it can have a serious affect on them emotionally. Some children might be negatively affected by situations in their live and they might be in need of help but unable to ask for- or obtain it, for instance respite care to help caring for a sick parent. It is very likely that difficult home-circumstances a child struggles with will…show more content…
It might be very difficult for them to build friendships. Events which may impact on behaviour, social and emotional development: • Serious illness or injury to a child e.g. if a child breaks a leg and has to be in hospital for a long stay they become institutionalised and perhaps lose their grip on reality because all they know then is the hospital routine. • Serious illness or injury to a child’s main carer • Death of a close relative • Family break-up: This can cause a child to feel very upset, insecure and abandoned. When their family unit breaks apart their whole world seems to have lost stability and this most likely will have an impact on their behaviour and development • Change of care e.g. entering foster care or residential care • Abuse – physical, emotional, sexual or

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