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Topic 1: Talk about your favourite city Outcome: user will be able to describe his favourite city or town in an effective way by using vocabulary worlds. Vocabulary: 1. Situated: located 2. Resident: citizen 3. Population: the number of people live in a place 4. Residential area: area where people live 5. Infrastructure: the basic structure 6. Suburb: outer area of a city or town 7. Outskirts: border of a town or city 8. Locality: neighborhood 9. Skyscraper: a high building 10. Supermarket: a large store that sells everything 11. Tourist attraction: a tourist place 12. Amusement park: park having various things for entertainment 13. Public transport: public vehicles like buses 14. Traffic congestion: heavy traffic 15. Street light : a light at the side of a road Question-Answers: 1. Q: Which is your favourite city in the world? A: My favourite city in the world is Sydney. 2. Q: Where it is situated? A: It is situated in New South Wales, Australia. 3. Q: What kind of place it is? A: Sydney is a well developed city and a very beautiful place. 4. Q: Why it is famous? A: It is famous for its natural scenery. It is very popular in tourists. 5. Q: What are the famous tourist attractions in Sydney? A: The most famous tourist attractions include the Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Luna Park and many beaches. 6. Q: What kinds of people live there? A: People of various ethnic groups and communities live in Sydney. 7. Q: Which language do people speak there? A:

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