Description Of Satan In Dante's Inferno

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In Dante’s Inferno the reader has different views and expectations on how Satan’s appearance might look like. Those would usually picture Satan with horns and having a huge pitch fork , Actually , in Dante’s Inferno Satan looks nothing like anyone could image. Dante describes Satan and Hell the opposite of people would expect.
When Dante and Virgil arrived at Circle 9 Dante notice a huge windmill at a distance. When he got closer to it he saw it was not a windmill , but it was Lucifer. As , Dante and Virgil were walking around Dante notices that Hell was not like those who would describe as being trapped in a fire pit. Hell was a cold place to be literally. Many sinners were frozen and there was a frozen lake. Dante saw that Lucifer had
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Those sinners are Judas , Brutus and Cassius. In middle you find Judas whose feet were sticking out at Lucifer’s mouth. Judas is the worst sinner of all . Judas is known for the one who betrayed the son of God. The other two sinners whose top half were sticking out was Cassius and Brutus . They are the second and third worst sinners. They were also traitors to God. In addition, they assassinated Julius Caesar. Dante chose these three sinners to demonstrate contrapasso . Moreover , Circle 9 is the greatest level of hell and betrayal is by far the worst sin anyone could commit. These sinners are being chewed on by Satan himself for eternity. The way the sinners are being is brutal and circle 9 is a dreadful place to be. This place is the furthest removed from any source of all light. and warmth. Sinners are frozen deep in the ice , faces out ,eyes and mouth frozen shut . Including , traitors against God , country family and benefactors lament their sins in this frigid pit of despair. Therefore , the punishment the sinners receive does suit them.. The reason why Dante felt that betrayal is the worst sin because he considers himself to be betrayed by the government when he was exiled from Rome. That’s he picked these sinners to demonstrate
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