Descriptive Amusement Park

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The rustling of leaves calms my nerves as I lay with my eyes shut on the leather couch, even the occasional thunder strikes didn’t frighten me. I could hear a trickle of rain beginning calming me even further. Moreover, I was looking forward to the weekend; sunshine is to begin. There is an abandoned amusement park a couple miles down the street from me, I am curious to explore it for a couple of hours while my parents leave for work. During my thought, the rain grew louder and I could hear the heavy pouring on my roof. Eventually, I shut my eyes and went to sleep along with the heavy thunderstorm outside. Saturday 11:23 a.m. While driving down the street towards the amusement park, cars were bustling around with everyone leaving for work. For the most part, puddles still filled the streets from the thunderstorm 2 days ago. Scorching beams of sunlight shot through my car heating it up, it was a clear and bright sunny sky, no clouds were visible and I could spot the entrance of the amusement park. Without delay, I pulled into the parking lot, my car being the only parked in it. With haste, I walked towards the gates to the park, I saw a Ferris wheel, roller coaster, and snack bar.
The creaking of the swing sets discharged an unrelaxing vibe and a chill went down my spine. As I walked down the numerous rows of tents, I noticed broken glass and wood chips scattered randomly over the concrete ground. Potholes and cracks were also noticeable in the concrete but,

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