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Far away from this busy life I seek a quiet place that absorbs all of my worries and stress. A place where I can feel close to the nature. The first place that crosses my mind when I even think about getting away from this stressful life is an oceanic view. I always desire to visit a place that has stunning view of clear blue water as it leaves me savoring every moment spent on the beach. Ocean has always been such a lovely place for me. Whenever my head is clouded with thoughts I find my way to the ocean to clear up everything going on inside my head. It is that one place on earth where I can sit forever and never notice the time passing by. Near an ocean I can feel taste, touch and smell of the earth. Ocean carries its
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Under this perfect vault of heaven is the splendid ocean. The sun rays touching the surface of the water and bouncing back lit up the clear turquoise water. The dancing waves of the ocean seem like fun from the shore and the crest and trough crashing into each other contributes to the splendid view. Ahead of me is huge stretch of crystal clear water and a mini boat fighting with the waves and sailing proudly. As I walked on the sand it provided me a soft cushiony feeling and the sun attacked my bare skin making me feel warm. I could feel the tingling produced by the heat of the sun on my body. I can feel the air gushing around me and keeping my cheeks warm. It feels like the sea breeze is giving me a pleasant warm hug. I can watch the show of beautiful rainbow colors shining through the prisms of the ocean spray. It is quite on the beach with the only sound I could hear was the soft and gentle sound of the oceanic waves. There are only a few sweet little kids and their families who are busy enjoying in the shinning brown colored sand. A young trying to relax to the left of me. He is lying still on the sand as if wishing that the waves of head die down. Another lady at the right side of me just finished applying the sunscreen paste on her body. A cute little boy trying to move on to an adventurous journey of exploring the vast ocean with his sweetheart. Noticing these details suddenly my eyes stopped at an elderly man who is spending his day sitting on a horse, controlling it expertly and jogging along the water. Two beautiful young boys could be seen playing carefully with the oceanic waves as if trying not to disturb the beautiful scenic view. It’s a perfect day in the Jeju Island to enjoy the
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