Argumentative Essay On Why Dogs Are Predators

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Dogs Are Predator
There are certain behaviors in dogs, that we can notice, stem from their wild ancestors. Dog walk around the circles before lay down, buries bones and mark his territory although these behavior he doesn’t need any longer. Among these behavior is also predatory behavior. Unlike aggressive behavior predatory behavior is not emotionally driven and is largely related to genetics. All dogs have a common ancestor, and this is a wolf. At the beginning people domesticated dogs to take advantage of their hunting abilities, to help with hunting. Trough generation of selective breeding people changed the way wolves look and made a wide variety of breeds. Today we have many domestic dogs which are distinguished by specialized hunting ability. Greyhound and Saluki are
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Dog which have highly prey instinct want to grab, bite and sometimes kill. When you recognize predatory behavior, it is important to take necessary steps to prevent unfortunate accidents.
There are two approaches that are effective and recommended to control predatory behavior in dogs.
1. Deny your dog opportunity to hunt
Prevent to roam free outdoors, if you suspect he wants to bite a child or kill small animal, by walking your dog on a leash. Place a fence around your yard to prevent dog to hunt beyond your property. Always keep a dog leashed when you are visited by friends or relatives with small children. If you walk your dog off leash do so in a place where there are no children or other dogs.
2. Minimize your dog’s to roam and hunt by providing alternative activities
Provide your dog enough physical activity. Every dog should be walked on a leash at least twice each day. During the time you spend with your dog practice obedience skills, and when you play with him engaging in games that apply obedience skills. Every game of this kind increases his
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