Descriptive Cross Sectional Studies

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Study Design
A descriptive cross- sectional study was conducted. Convenience sampling technique was used for this study.
Study setting
I conducted this study in Ali Raza Abad, Lahore. This community was chosen because it is rural area of Punjab, Pakistan and I need rural population for this study.
Inclusion Criteria Married and fertile people were the part of this study
Exclusion Criteria Unmarried and infertile people were not the part of my study
Sample Size
Slovin’s formula was used to calculate sample size from the population. (Ellen, 2012). Sample size was determined by using this formula. n = N 1+ (N) (E) 2

Desired sample size= n=? Population= N =250
Margin of error= E= 0.05 (with confidence interval 95%) n= 250 1+ (250) (0.0025)
= 250 1+ 0.625
= 250 1.625
= 154
A sample size of 154 was calculated with a confidence interval of 95% and precision of 5%.
Research Tool
Data Collection Method
The study was based on an interview questionnaire. The questionnaire was initially designed by the help of preceptor Mr. M. Shahid Riaz according to a previously validated questionnaire. (Abolfotouh et al., 2013), (Ali et al., 2011). The interview questionnaire was translated into Urdu language. Questionnaire reliability was measured in a pilot study of 10 participants on a week before data was collected. Discussion with various relevant facality (Mr. M Shahid Riaz, Ms. Rubina Kousar, Mr. Sabir and Mr. M Afzal)

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