Descriptive Description Of A Animal

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Tigers POV:
The jungle, young and pristine. As many unique animals roar and cackle throughout the sizable, yet fragile trees...I am the proudest. I am proud of my long, honed fangs. My sharp claws and my bulky, fluffed paws fulfill me. As though I have the delights of my reflection, I am most grateful for my charming, elegant golden coat the surrounds my body in comfort and in supreme notice. I am not frightened by any animal of any sort, as they are intimidated by my fearful look. But, I am discouraged by one creature. The Water Buffalo. The powered horns that rise on top of his thick head, and the snot that runs down his wet nose hang like long strands of slime.

As I was stomping through swamped mud on a humid day, I saw Water Buffalo hooked onto a blow, working on fields. Confusion corrupted my mind, as I observed a strange & intelligent animal commanding Water Buffalo! ...This animal doesn 't have sharp claws and bulky paws. He doesn’t have a charming, elegant golden coat. I went up to Water Buffalo, questioning him, “Why do you work for that strange creature? It doesn’t have any paws, or claws, or even a luscious coloured coat!” I exclaimed. He shook his head in annoyance. “Tiger, you don’t understand,” Water Buffalo started, rolling his vivid black eyes. “That ‘strange creature’ is Man. He doesn’t need paws, claws, or a luscious coloured coat. He has wisdom.” He finished turning around. I huffed, and narrowed my eyes. “I need wisdom, wisdom is what I need! I will

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