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My city ”YOKOHAMA”
Mizuki Nagasawa
About Yokohama Yokohama is a second big city in Japan. The population is 3.7 million. It is the largest population in a city. Japan had isolated 215 years and almost country don’t allow cultural exchange. But after 215 years, we concluded a treaty with America. The opening of a country to the world was happened this city. It has really old history of culture and also the modern culture started this city. It is always developed the city even now. It always creates new trend as well as Tokyo. The people are called “Hamakko” who were born Yokohama and grow up there. This city have been flourished with trade from opening of a country so many people work as trader who like new trend and cheerful.
Yokohama is a middle of Japan. It is located near the international airports where are Narita airport and Haneda airport. It is close to Tokyo, too. Some Narita Express trains from Narita Airport go through to Yokohama (1 1/2 hours, ¥4380). Limousine Buses run frequently from Narita to the Yokohama City Air Terminal (YCAT) (2-3 hours, ¥3500). The cheapest access from Narita Airport is to take a Keisei train to Nippori, then change to a JR Keihin-Tohoku Line train for Yokohama (about 2 hours, ¥1540).
From Haneda Airport, take the Keikyu Line 's Airport Express to Yokohama station in 30-35 minutes for ¥470. Note that the Airport Express has several variants: If the train 's destination is Shin-Zushi or Kanazawa-Bunko , then you can stay on the

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