My Summer Day

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It was a great day for the beach, cool, breezy, almost perfect. The tide was low, clouds in the sky; I could smell the ocean air as it blew by. The sound of waves crashing and horse flies buzzing, but none of this mattered to me as we walked up on all of this drift wood. I had never seen anything like it. “C’mon man hop up there”, I heard my dad say. As I climbed up on top it didn’t feel like an ordinary tree, it was a little damp but also dry at the same time. As I’m sitting there trying to figure out this tree, I notice my Dad pulls out the camera and says, “Let’s take a couple of sweet pictures for your mom, and then we can flex for the girls! Aright?” We took a few pictures for my mom; I jumped in the water real quick to get that nice oily…show more content…
Little do we know a surprise is coming up soon. By this time of the day it was around five o’clock so we begin shark fishing. We all cast out our rods and wait for a bite. Thirty minutes to an hour goes by and a pole stuck in the ground begins to bend, we rush over and my dad grabs his pole and begins reeling it in. After ten seconds or so goes by he is brought to believe it got off, so he begins to set it down and that’s when it happens. The rod begins to shriek loudly and the line takes back off deeper into the ocean. My dad begins fighting this monster and bad for us it was big and had plenty of energy. Thirty minutes goes by and he hasn’t made much progress on this beast. As the time clicked on, my dad began getting tired and was pulled out into the water up to his knees. When this happens my uncle goes out with him and helps to anchor my dad down so he won’t be pulled out deeper. When it gets close to two hours of fighting the monster, they are pulled out deeper in the water, which is now above their waste. Scared of them being pulled out deeper with this giant shark, everyone with us makes a human chain to help anchor. With me being five, my dad wouldn’t let me help hold on. So to contribute, I ran down the beach getting random strangers to come help hold on. As my dad is pulled out into the water up to his chest, there is a chain of people all the way from him to the beach. It gets close, real close, so my uncle is holding the spear ready to get this monster. He sees a glimpse of it and gets it! Finally, after three hours of fighting this, monster it’s ours. This monster weighed in at two hundred pounds and was bigger than ever seen. This monster wasn’t a shark though it was a stingray. So shocked of this things size we call the game wardens. When they arrive to us and see the fish, they state in amazement, these fish aren’t supposed to get that big. They continued on that this was a very
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