Descriptive Essay: A Day At The Beach

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Smoky grey clouds lumbered across the polluted sky loomed over the soot-black ocean. A chewed up lollipop stick had drifted onto the dirty shore next to an empty scrunched-up chips packet still laced with salt. The black, oil-streaked sand was barely visible under the stringy seaweed. It slushed around in the water, blending the sea into the beach. As far as the eye could see, green slime was strewn around. Shimmering under the sweltering equator sun, there was a rusty can of coke. Its once gleaming candy red label was faded into almost non-existence and its body was crushed into a flat slab of aluminium. Nearby laid a broken beer bottle that shimmered in the afternoon sun. The edges of the Heineken-bottle green glass were razor sharp. Cautiously, a young gecko crept out from under a pile of rubbish. Faster than a blue shark, it disappeared under the seaweed. It had been consumed by the Grolsch-bottle green.

Just outside the bay, there were a dozen young kids wearing old faded life
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The hull was covered in deep groves from being pulled across the sand and there was a layer of wet sand and month old seaweed covering the chipped paint. The daggerboard was a rusty nail someone had hit too hard and bent, forgotten and deformed. Covered in numerous splinters, it cast jagged shadows into the boat. The dilapidated sail fluttered around in the salty wind. Its once white fabric was now an ashy grey from all the smog. A plastic water bottle was hanging from the mast. Around its neck was a noose, made from frayed rope whose once neon colours were now dull and monotonous. Walking carefully, there was a petite crab which has two dots at the ends of toothpicks for eyes. Its two menacing claw opened and closed as the oyster-beige crab looked for something to feast on. Even though his whole body was covered in an unbreakable armor, It’s thin legs seemed fragile and
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