Descriptive Essay About A Coffee Shop

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In the morning, the clearners in the mall greeted Joseph and then went back to their work. Joseph prepared everything before the cook and his father came to work and then sat down to enjoy his coffee along with his toasted cheese sandwich. He loved the silence in the mall. The whole area was lit as if there would be a celebration as usual which was a clever trick because it encouraged customers to come here and stay longer. The mall offered free Wi-Fi which meant more business for the dining area as well. He imagined if he was a customer what he would have in the morning and looked around. Not Japanese early in the morning…Not Indian either…Nah, I don’t fancy deep fried chicken with chips. Yeah. I would rather have sausage and egg muffin with a large coffee. As Joseph played his little game whilst having his breakfast, someone poked at his back wich startled him causing him to spill his coffee.
“Stop dilly dallying, boy. Clean the mess you created and get to work” His father ordered him as he walked to the kitchen.
Joseph nearly chocked on his toast and stood up to clear the table with shaky hands. Yup. My break finishes and back to misery again.
As soon as Curtis walked into the mall the next day, he noticed the man’s drooping shoulders and his refusal to look at the customers ' faces. He seemed to be functioning again on autopilot. Curtis instantly knew something was wrong. When he saw the old man 's hostile stare, he knew something must have happened again. It wasn

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