Descriptive Essay About A Concert

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“Paige Mackenzie, get up! You have your big concert in New York tonight” my mom yells. Its 3:30 in the morning. I slowly crawl out of bed and into the shower. Today my elite dance company and I will be flying to New York City for a benefit concert. After I shower I quickly dry my hair and straighten it. I then pick out my traveling outfit. I put on black leggings, my purple Australia sweatshirt, and black tennis shoes. I grab my large luggage bags and head down the stairs. My sister Brooke and my mom Kelly are already downstairs. I take my luggage out to our silver Traverse and then join them for breakfast. It is chocolate chip pancakes. I love chocolate chip pancakes. We all eat very quickly then get in the car. It is 4:25. We need to be at the dance studio in 5 minutes. My mom gets in the driver's seat and we take off. On the way there I check up on all my social media and respond to some texts. Before we know it we have arrived at the dance studio. My best friend in the entire world, Chloe, comes up and hugs me. We take our bags and…show more content…
Chloe and I take selfies and watch movies on our apple computers all the way there. Finally after a whole hour of riding the bus we arrive at the Omaha Airport. We get our luggage out of the bus and then make our way into the airport. All of us elite girls (Maddie, Kenzie, Mack, Starr, Brooke, Chloe, Kendall, Nia, and I) get our tickets printed and go through very long security. We arrive at our gate around 7. We have 10 minutes till boarding. Kendall and I go and find some Starbucks in the airport. I buy chocolate chip frappe and she buys a cotton candy frappe. We then go back to our gate just in time for boarding. My tickets says I am sitting by both Chloe and Brooke. We are in the 5th row. They go over safety instructions and we take off. Chloe and I get out our computers and watch the shows 90210 and One Tree Hill on our computers. Soon I fall
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