Descriptive Essay About A Disney World

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Kyle Jones Dr. Pescatore English 110 10/8/15 My First Real Thrill I still remember my very first and only time going to Disney World. I was only 10 years old at the time however, I still remember it as though it was yesterday. How many kids can say that their childhood fantasy actually came true? I still remember the drive down to Orlando, Florida in my mom’s small van packed full of luggage like a small clown car packed full of clowns. I still remember how the weather changed progressively like rapidly moving through the cycle of the seasons as we drove further and further south. I still remember finally arriving in Orlando, Florida and realising just how small Johnson City really is. Orlando was like booming with people like I’ve never seen before. When we finally made it to Orlando, I only had one thing on my mind, “Mom, can we go to Disney World now?” When we first arrived in Orlando, we had to settle down in the house we rented for the time we were there. Upon entering the gated community I felt like a king and this community was my castle. I have never seen a gated community like this before and I had a great sense of worth and importance. When I finally saw the house I realised how beautiful Orlando really was. There were palm trees lined up and down the roads like soldiers organised in fire squads, all the houses had inground pools with the most crystal blue water I have ever seen, and most importantly I could stand outside with shorts and a t-shirt and
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