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Rijksmuseum The visit to the Rijksmuseum was mandatory for me, but it should be mandatory for anyone who decides to know a little more about Amsterdam. The museum has a large collection that tells much about the history of the Dutch. Part of the paintings are made by artists such as Rembrandt, Vermeer and Frans Hals. The collection in the museum is very well distributed on the four floors and seemed to be divided by different periods in history. Starting on the ground level it felt as if the work was from a longer period in time and more classical. Eventually, as I went up the floors, it became more contemporary. The highlight of this attraction was being able to see “The Night Watch” by Rembrandt. The artist has his own corridor for his incredible…show more content…
The harbor tour is great to get an idea of the size of the Port of Rotterdam, which is amazing! I think it is an essential ride for anyone who is going to visit the city. Although, after a while I had the impression the children were a little bored, so perhaps the tour is better for just the adults. Nevertheless, the Spido boat has many choices of snacks and a restaurant for people who want to enjoy dinner during the evening. There are several environments on the boat so everyone can enjoy the ride. I thought that the value of the tour is quite cheap for the quality of the entertainment and offerings. Central Museum - Utrecht Utrecht seemed very similar to Amsterdam in some ways, but for sure the city has its own charms. It was a pleasant opportunity to walk around and a little before going to the Central Museum. The building is small yet very nice, and also interacting. In it you will find a variety of interactions with either audio, images or sounds. It is a historical museum with a good collection of famous architects and artists recognized worldwide. I had a lovely time while I was there and the staff was very friendly. Even though there are bigger and more exciting museum it was still worth the visit. Heineken

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