Descriptive Essay About A Summer

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The summer sun was as hot as a volcano erupting.
The summer wind as it breezes dancing in the wind brings some relief and tingles the skin.
YES! And we are finally here which seemed to take forever at the regional festival
WOW!! Look at all the people. The news media said there were two hundred thousand tickets sold.
We all felt like sardines standing at the gates to move in.

All things considered we made it through the crowd and we looked to find a spot. Personally, to me we strolled what felt like another mile. As someone retained they were going to get a couple of cokes and inclined me to stay here and keep our spot. Sure, I said I took out my chair and blanket and laid it down fixed my chair and had the strangest feeling someone was staring at me, I wonder how many others have ever known that particular feeling?

As I looked up there she was, looking dead into my eyes. She began to walk toward me. I was committed by her beauty that I started walking towards her, she must be a model her beauty was shimmering and the way the sun danced upon her golden hair. Those eyes as blue as the summer sky somehow I found myself lost and her lips, yes her lips were as red as cherries.
And in my mind I have kissed them a thousand times She was an angel and I was saying to myself I would never break your heart never and we haven’t even met yet. Strange how love will find its path.

During that time, she reached out accordingly held my hand I began to melt inside like the sun does
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