Descriptive Essay: The Beauty Of A Volcano

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Then sand all of a sudden washes up on to the shore. Guess what, I happen to be in that sand

and I was correct. My next location of upon the sand has led me to be in the soil! yeah, that 's right. More more Sand had followed me and eventually piled up and sunk into the ground and became a part of the soil. Here 's the picture that shows layers of rocks and sand on top of each other before combining together to become soil.

All the sudden pressure cursor and really must our rocks and our neighbors sand together. In this picture, it looks a lot like my situation.

Because of the pressure that occurred, and since I was on the bottom of that pressure, I was pushed into the Earth 's interior. Here 's a picture that shows you the stuff
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I wasn 't too excited to change locations again, But I guess the area that I arrived on was kind of fun it was... A volcano!

Yep, about Kano. Here 's a picture to show you the beauty of volcano. Hopefully, you can feel the hotness in the picture just like I felt when I was actually inside the volcano.

Now that you have felt the volcano and have pictured volcano, picture me, Rocky, in the mush of volcano and its magma as a spewing from the top of a volcano comes down the entire Mountain.

Add volcano carry me with the lava, and eventually brought me to the mountains. Isn 't it a beauty! Trying to think which mountain is the prettiest and that 's where I will be.

This location has been the best I have met so far I 'm glad about this rotation in my journey. But then, of course, it had to end the journey had to continue. At first, I was sad I might try to take me to the setting, but then I knew was going to have to happen to get me to my final destination. If it wasn 't clear the ice in the mountains has melted during the summer and carried me to and other Rock 's, the new friends I made and took us to the

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