Descriptive Essay: Beautiful Water Falls

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The waterfall loomed overhead, and enormous sink set to full blast. Spurts of ocean plummeted from the mouth of its cataract in a violent fashion. As a whole, the general appearance was reminiscent of a crater sliced cleanly in half, surrounded by a border of pine trees. The peak contained a skyscraper like presence, primarily due to its visibility (or lack thereof).
While the mountain contained a gradual incline, the falls were extremely steep, the highlight being the rollercoaster like drop. While the base of the falls contained vociferous and harsh rapids, the water petered out into a calm sphere of motionlessness. Even as the rapids raged overhead, the bath remained still, as if I was looking at a picture frame. White foam glossed the edges of the pool, perfecting the celestial portrait.
The mountain, on the other hand, wasn’t such a pleasant sight. Oddly shaped and dilapidated, casting a gloomy shadow over
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I, like many others in the past, fell victim to the dazzling architecture and rich history the city held. Attributes that may still exist to this day, but are qualities that can be seldomly taken advantage of. Wealth is a requirement to live in a location that is not infected by crime and pollution. History, while a nice perk, is wasted on the old and the ignorant. History doesn’t help me pay for my bills or make my apartment bigger, in truth, it does the opposite.
I’m sure others would disagree, and I don’t meant to project my inner thoughts onto every red-blooded American that walks those black and gloomy streets everyday. I personally hate the city, because it rips the comfort and opportunity for solitude out from my life, and replaces it with toxic people and heaping piles of stress. I seem to be an outlier on that front though, so take my opinion with a giant grain of salt. Some people enjoy living as a rat in a cage, some people
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