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Al Marjan is among the famous manmade wonders of the UAE Islands and an ideal place for future investment in Ras al Khaimah. Al Marjan has become one of the top tourism destinations, as it represents a perfect balance of lifestyle, business and secure investment. The investors can enjoy a luxurious life with endless possibilities of rental opportunities and capital growth potential due to increase commercial activities in the region and neighboring states. Truly inspired by the marvelous Palm Jumeirah, Al Marjan is manmade wonder near Ras al Khaimah. The coral shaped islands are inter-connected and extended to the natural coastline of Ras al Khaimah. White sandy beaches, blue waters and warmth of sun add a unique flavor to this archipelago. Unbeatable beachfront locations UAE Islands near Ras al Khaimah (aka Al Marjan)…show more content…
The resale price may be, he, three times higher than the purchase. Under these conditions, we understand why the investment real estate is popular with foreigners! Many retired English of the "middle class" have invested in property in the sea. They occupy it in winter when the average temperature shows 25 °. Part of the Asian middle class, wanting to preserve its interests, has also taken refuge in the country. And for good reason: property taxes and taxes do not exist. Another advantage is that the emirate is not looking as to the origin of the funds invested and easily delivers Visas permanent residents. In France, the investment dubaïte little interest protected social categories. Indeed, the services offered are of good quality / price ratio. In 2007, rental income was around 8-12% for apartments and from 15 to 20% for office property. Many buyers also wish to reside in their home outside locations. How to resist indeed local charms: artificial islands, under the sea complex, larger world leisure park, residences with plunge pools overlooking the Gulf, etc.

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