Andover Pond

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Village of Andover, New York
Andover is a village that can be found in the city of Andover in Allegany County, New York. It has a total area of 2.6 km2 or 1.0 square mile, 1.50% of which is water. The 2010 census revealed that there 1,042 residents living in the village. Andover Pond can be found in the northern area of the Andover. There’s also a creek that flows through the entire village named Dyke Creek.
There are plenty of recreational areas and local city parks where you can relax with your family and friends. The village has lots of great reading rooms and libraries. Whether you love romance, crime or mystery books, you will surely find something interesting here. Try reading some great pieces at the Hinkle Memorial Library or a copy
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The United States Census Bureau revealed that the town has a total area of 94.4 km2 or 36.4 square miles, 0.039 square miles of which is water and 36.4 square miles is land. Seasonal temperature differences in the town are large, with cold to extremely cold winters and warm to hot and humid summers.
The town was named after Angelica Schuyler Church, wife of John Barker Church, daughter of Philip Schuyler and sister-in-law of Alexander Hamilton. It was established in 1805 and named by Captain Philip Church, nephew of Alexander Hamilton, after his mother Angelica Schuyler Church. He directed Everett van Wickle to lay out the site of the town. A central circle was made into a park and the most important community structures were constructed around it.
At the center of the town is an amazing public green. Various entertainment options such as concerts and festivals are held throughout the year. There’s also a farmer’s market in the town of Angelica, New York. You will find a lot of historic buildings in the town and many of which are included in a National Historic
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There is a gazebo for music, basketball court, open space, playground and Rouqe Court in the park. There are also benches where you can relax. Various churches can be found outside of the park, including a Methodist Church, Episcopal Church, Baptist Church, Catholic Church and Community Center or also known as the Presbytyrian Church in the past. The Post Office, Town Hall and Park Circle B& are located in the park as well. You will also find private homes on the park circle. There’s a tennis court off of Allegany Street where you can practice your

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