Reflective Essay: The Importance Of Animals In Our Lives

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There is something about animals. They hold an incomparable innocence. They are a part of this world while also being apart from this world. They love unconditionally. Any problem going on in the world is no matter to animals. They have an ignorance that gives them bliss. This unconditional love that animals give to humans is what keeps this world going. It creates a common love between all people. It ties people together, resulting in everyone working on the same team. My relationship with my sister was saved by animals the day we adopted two kittens. Keeping a relationship strong is difficult when life gets busy. I would grab my coffee and say bye to my sister, Jessie, at six in the morning before leaving for high school. She would just be getting up, spraying her hair with dry shampoo. She would put a pair of jeans on, always leaving some of her ankle showing. Her converse sat by the door, reminding her of the hurry in…show more content…
We sat in a dark barn. It smelled slightly of the rotting flesh of mice and the waste of cats. Every footstep created an echoing creak that reverberated from wall to wall. Every so often there were faint meows coming from different kittens, as if their lives were not the easiest. I had to step around various objects, like a tractor, a small push mower, rakes, shovels, and random car parts in order to scoop up a kitten while it ran around trying to hide. A kitten came walking up to Jessie, looking up at her expectantly. This kitten had a moustache and white paws. I watched my sister fall in love with that kitten at that moment. I chose a white kitten hiding behind the door. Carrying those cats away from their mom that day was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. The cats sat in an old package box, one that would be common with a UPS order. They sat in that box on a blanket like bowling balls in their racks, wanting to get out, but held together with a stronger

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