Case Study: A Visit To Aruba

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Aruba When you land at the Reins Beatrice International airport, you might be tempted to think you are not in the Caribbean due to the ruggedness of the terrain. Despite the miniature size of Aruba, the island is a bundle of contrasting landscapes. You find chiseled cliffs and salt-sprayed headlands along the east coast with sand dunes and cacti groves dotting the landscape in other places, instead of the rainforest as is common with the other islands in the vicinity. You can visit the island of Aruba all year round because the island is positioned away from the main Atlantic Hurricane Belt. Going to Aruba is easy as many airlines are flying into the island from Miami and Los Angeles. On getting to the airport, you can easily find your way around the small island. The capital Oranjestad is a nice place with beautiful Dutch architecture. Moving to your hotel is easy as there are many transport options available. You can easily take a taxi or bus. The public transport system is working efficiently, and you won’t have any problem moving around. You may also take a bike or scooter if that is fine by you. And if you want to hit the ground running, I suggest you set out on foot. Trust me, Aruba is unbelievably small you can trek the whole island within a few days. Once you have settled into your hotel, it’s…show more content…
Arikok is a part of the island's rugged terrain and offers a rare peek into the geological, historical, and cultural past of this tiny Caribbean island. You get to see some of the protected flora and fauna of the island, cacti groves growing wild on hills, and a coastline that will leave you breathless. You can take see pictographs made by Arawak Indians at the Fontein Cave and many fun activities and educational programs are available to let you know more about the island. You can explore the park on a guided tour, but you can also do it on your own for more spontaneity and

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