Auramae Mullin: A Short Story

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When I moved to Topeka long ago, my mom placed my brothers and I in daycare. I entered feeling anxious about having to meet new people. I took off my coat and decided to sit down, when suddenly I make eye contact with Auramae who had long hair that would always cover her face. She had a curious and wondered expression on her face when she noticed us. Even so, there was one person I noticed right away, she was behind a couch and I subconsciously thought if that she was in trouble. I’ve grown to learn Auramae Mullin’s physical and personality traits, as well as her values, interests, beliefs, and her unique mannerisms over the years. Five feet and seven inches tall with a toned and an hourglass shaped body; Auramae’s physique is goals in my opinion!…show more content…
Some moments in ceramics class, she would sing out loud to a song she was listening to in her ear buds. It was funny but people would look at her like she was a crazy person. Other moments that show her quirky side is when someone tells her a funny joke and she laughs on the top of her lungs. Again people look her way with a weird face, but honestly I know she doesn’t care! At a New Year’s Eve party, Auramae wanted everyone to watch her do a tarot card reading. One girl who was invited said she wanted to watch TV, but Aura disagreed. Then the girl argued back that not everyone has to do what she says and everyone can do what they want. Auramae replied to that she couldn’t focus with the TV on. At that point, most of the people at the party agreed with the girl, but Auramae would not budge and there was tension in the air. Nonetheless, Auramae said ok and went on with her tarot card reading. This is one memory of her being…show more content…
I have always known that Auramae dances, she would sometimes show up with her dance bag at the babysitters. Tarot card reading I have only known about a year, because last summer she did a reading on me about my future. Recently, I have learned that she meditates. We were discussing about why she had (smoky thingys that help her meditate) and she said that it helps her meditate. The process starts by lying down on the bed and she then stays like that for hours. Then when her astral body is separated from her physical body, she is covered in darkness. She has told me that it works, but it takes a while to get the hang of
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