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Bali, the most famous tourist destination in Indonesia. Known for its seductive beauty that blends with its beautiful natural beaches, warm friendly people, scenic mountains, world known resorts and rich culture. Planning to visit Bali? Here are few things you need to know before packing your bags. 1. Expensive Visiting Bali might not be expensive for some especially for people from western countries, but if you are a solo traveler from one of the Southeast Asian countries, most likely, you will find Bali as an expensive tourist destination. Bali charges its visitors quite expensively compared to other Southeast Asian countries. 2. Best For Group Travel Since I found Bali as an expensive tourist destination for solo travelers, it would be best to visit the…show more content…
Religion Most of the population in Bali are Hindus and Muslims. Christians and Buddhists are the minority. Though people thought that Bali is not tolerant about liquor, cigarette and partying because of the country 's religion, Bali is totally fine about it. Just make sure to respect their religion, especially when visiting temples. Dress up appropriately or bring a sarong with you. 4. Haggle Visiting Bali requires you to have the skill of haggling. I have been to few Southeast Asian countries but in Bali, you need to be good in haggling because you would definitely need it. Locals know that you are new and not familiar on how Bali works, so make sure to hold on to your purse before purchasing something especially in souvenir shops. 5. Touts of Bali Touts are everywhere in Bali they offer tours, souvenirs or just anything. As much as possible book a tour or guide from a registered travel agency, though it 's a bit pricey, but at least you are sure that it’s something legit. Some touts get aggressive sometimes. So as much as possible don 't ask about that nice post card or how much that colorful sarong without the intention of buying. They won 't stop until you buy something from them. 6.

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