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College Baseball Game Day My rear end is numb from sitting down is this hard seat for too long, but I do have the best in the wonderful baseball park right now as fan perspective, I choose to be right here where I can see all the action row number thirty-four with a clear view of the whole entire baseball field from foul pole to foul pole such amazing view; infact, when people stand up with their number one foam fingers I can still see the game going on with nobody in my way. Furthermore so I am in the perfect tossing range to get some salty peanut plus them amazing ranch flavor sunflower seeds or a free white Rice Owl T-Shirts. Although as I can see the Rice university v 's university of Houston posters to the right of me down below the dusty…show more content…
Finally as I gaze out towards the outfield you can see the medical center building towering off the baseball field with trees behind the wall when I look to the far right towards I can see college kids running on the side at the same time that I was just staring off into space one of the traditional baseball song came on I can hear everybody singing even the crazy guy right next to me was singing take me out to the ball game buy me some peanut and some crackerjacks then out of know where the announcer came on yelling like I’m at a WWE wrestling match saying get ready for some college baseball meanwhile as I’m looking on the field see the players doing their pregame stretches with a big orange ring around their bats heading out their dugout which by the way is pretty legit amazing undoubtedly remind me of a major league dugout in a way with two gatorade jugs one of them is filled with water the other is gatorade is Gatorade of course, with the big black bulky telephone hanging up with cool looking assistant coach doing hand signal checks with the catcher , and the don of the Rice owl baseball team the head coach with his own custom made chair, rice owls Oakley sunshades on with a fresh polo jacket on the other

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