Descriptive Essay: College Baseball Game Day

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College Baseball Game Day
My rear end is numb from sitting down is this hard seat for too long, but I do have the best in the wonderful baseball park right now as fan perspective, I choose to be right here where I can see all the action row number thirty-four with a clear view of the whole entire baseball field from foul pole to foul pole such amazing view; infact, when people stand up with their number one foam fingers I can still see the game going on with nobody in my way. Furthermore so I am in the perfect tossing range to get some salty peanut plus them amazing ranch flavor sunflower seeds or a free white Rice Owl T-Shirts. Although as I can see the Rice university v 's university of Houston posters to the right of me down below the dusty enter sign I see the park name in bold black letters saying Reckling
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In other words, pretty intense statement, but as I scan below my seat I see this cock diesel swole magnificent huge white man with a thick cave man bread and wearing the rich white boy short yelling as he walking in like he done lost his mind at the opposing fans to the right of him, saying incoming cougars fans are not welcome here, as a result the opposing fans was like we’re going to beat them sorry owls with his red custom made polo cougars shirt knocking out an owl as he slide to the home plate for the win. In the meanwhile I glance around the stands as I see everybody starting to settle down into their seats on the account of this man right next to me proceeds to grab me and said hi my name is Chase can’t wait for the game to start already brother I said me too. However, I ponder my thoughts in my head on my surroundings for a minute or two for that reason to put an explanation on why the strong smell of fresh cut grass that take over my nose with the reddish brown powdery sand, clay mix that just be in the air; therefore, the aroma of those smells of baseball gets me settled and even more so focus in to partake in an amazing
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