Descriptive Essay About Basketball

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Each basketball game play is more exciting than the last ! I can see the great potential of my team. I can look back and see the hard work that my teammates and I have done. I realize that when we are playing I need to focus on playing and interacting with the players that are on the court. I can feel the intensity of the games that we play. Each of us on the team feels the pressure that mounts in every quarter. The heat is on and I can see the sweat on all the players faces. I feel it rolling down my neck! You can feel the adrenaline flowing in the game. A winning game gives me an exhilarating feeling as we hear all the spectators excitement and cheers ! We don 't always win every game, but I feel a sense of accomplishment in knowing we have played a good, hard game. I believe we should learn to see the worth in each person on the court. Looking around at my teammates after the games makes me know that I am not the only one feeling really tired. Giving it all you have is so worth it, no matter how tired I am. Basketball has taught me to be strong. I always have the back 's of my teammates and I know I can count on them to have mine. This is a great feeling. It is a cool feeling of belonging when we go places dressed in our uniforms all alike as a team. Everyone who sees us knows we are a team which makes you feel connected in a special way. The first college basketball game I ever played was at John Brown University. It was a time when I really felt I needed to
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