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The famous beach of Batu Ferringhi is a charming place to visit throughout the year. It is situated in Penang, Malaysia. It hosts range of hotels, resorts, restaurants, beaches etc. Tourists throng to Batu Ferringhi for relaxation and enjoyment. Over the years, the Batu Ferringhi has developed from a simple beach area to a modern tourist destination. Tourists from all over the world visit Batu Ferringhi to explore its intricacies and spend a memorable vacation. The resorts situated at Batu Ferringhi offer some of the best packages which involve scuba diving, exploring the thrills and spills of Batu Ferringhi, enjoying the nightlife and other attractions of the beach area.

Tourists traveling to Batu Ferringhi Beach are often exhilarated with
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There’s room service. Freebies include parking and breakfast, served in a low-key cafe. Other amenities include a lobby bar, laundry facilities and a terrace with dining. There’s an exercise room, a sauna and an outdoor rooftop pool.

The hotel has its own strength and weaknesses. Over the years, many members of the staff at the concierge desk, the reception, the restaurant, the garden, the shops and the housekeeping has become good acquaintances, who welcome guest with amazing hospitality

and courtesy. The hotels provide various great facilities and features which are able to accommodate to guests and satisfy their needs. Not only that, the hotel also has restaurant and café which can cater to both local and international guests.

As for the weakness, the hotel does not have sufficient transportation for those guest who do not travel with their own car, especially the international guests who needs a ride into the heart of Penang to explore more of Penang. Besides that, there is a club situated right next to the hotel. The loud music that’s been played by the illegal beach club every night, disturbs the guests from having a good night’s

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