Beautiful Guyana Essay

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Beautiful Guyana
Our armchair travels have taken us to Guyana, a South American country that is bordered by Atlantic Ocean, Venezuela to the west, Brazil to the south and Suriname to the east. It might not always get on a list of countries to see but it is well worth a look at. Guyana is a country on the North Atlantic coast of South America. It’s a country defined by its dense rainforest Its capital is Georgetown.

Georgetown is culturally connected to the English-speaking Caribbean region and has impressive British colonial architecture.

Castellani House is a lovely wooden building that was built in 1877. Today it is home to the National Art Gallery, which offers rotating art exhibits by local artists.

The National Library is an impressive building built by Andrew
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With its tin shack docks and streets full of scooters this is the gateway to the Essequibo Islands.

Each Sunday is market day with stalls full of bananas and coconuts. There are merchants selling parrots and you’ll even find fish emporiums.

Baganara Island is a wonderful luxury resort sitting in the middle of the Essequibo.

Shell Beach is the most famous beach in the country. Here the waves of the Atlantic mix with the Caribbean. Visitors to the beach are attracted by the turtle nesting phenomena that happens from late-March to late-summer then turtle of all shapes and sizes flock to the shore to lay eggs.

Here you can see some of South America’s undeveloped coastline with rustic villages and bamboo huts by the lagoons and the sand is fringed with wild stretches of jungle.

The most fantastic of all the South American tepuis is Mount Roraima the table-top mountain, rising like a petrified oblong of chiseled rock sitting on the border of Guyana, Venezuela and Brazil. This mountain is one of the most ancient geological formations on the planet dating back to the Precambrian period over two billion years
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