Descriptive Essay About Being At A Concert

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¨Ahhh¨ was all I could hear as my ears started to ring louder and louder. I thought to myself, ¨Will I ever be able to hear again?¨However, the question seemed to evaporate into the farthest space in my mind as I could only concentrate on the musicians jumping around in front of me and the other twenty-thousand people singing along. The once vacant stadium was now filled with the glow of bright lights the sound of people screaming or singing along with the artist that they admire and look up to. Being at a concert is not just a n experience to to see some people play music, but a chance to a chance to look around and see all the beaming faces there, because they love the same thing you do with such great amounts of passion.That was the feeling of being at the ¨5 Seconds Of Summer¨ concert.…show more content…
jumping out of my bed frantically getting everything ready for the drive to Jacksonville for the concert. After my mom and I packed everything into our car, we went to our first stop of the day, Giovanna´s house. My mom drove as Giovanna and I sat in the back of the car searching through all our social media sights to to see all the tweets and pictures people posted about the concert.The rest of the day went by in a blur, we ate at Olive Garden ,we shopped at mall,and spent over an hour at Pet Smart, and finally we arrived at our hotel at 6:00. The hotel was fairly new with a modern mixed with retro theme.After finding our room we ate some leftover pizza from lunch and started getting ready to leave for the concert. We ended up at the stadium at around 7:30 and the place was swarming with girl of ages ten to thirty. We found our seats quickly in fear of missing anything and within twenty minutes everyone was in there seats. While everyone was talking, waiting for the first act to come onstage the lights dimmed. My heart sped up to a thousand beats a second and at that moment the screams started, as did the best night of my
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