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Binzhou,my hometown,is a very beautiful city.It administers 7 counties and 1 districts. Agriculture, forest, animal and fishing are well developed. Wudi winter dates, Zhanhua winter dates, Huimin honey peach, Zouping apricot and Yangxin pear have distinct flavor and are popular both at home and abroad. Binzhou has become the largest production base of winter dates in China. Having much treasure, rich resources, the people of Binzhou is outstanding,simple and plain.There are many famous figures in the history of my hometown,such as the famous politicion Fanzhongyan,the dutiful son Dongyong,the ancient military strategist Sun-tzu and so on. If you have the opportunity of doing some sightseeing in Binzhou, I will be so glad to be your guide and hope you love it as I do.
Binzhou City, Shandong Province,,is located in the lower Yellow River, northern Shandong plain, located in the Yellow River Delta Tail the north, the Bohai Sea, the East and the Dongying City is bordered by South Zibo City, adjacent to the West Palit City and Jinan City, take the
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The level of urbanization of Binzhou continues to increase. "A Center - a leader - the North-South city with a" Group-type, and it gets basically formed the framework of urban agglomeration type. Planning and design reached the international advanced level "City of Victoria 5 Sea" project (ie, ring road, around the city water system, green belt around the city, around the city landscape zone and east, west, south, north, five plain Reservoir) successful completion of the , set in gardens and the lake the same color, financial industry, ecology, culture as a whole, the beginning of the current "City of Victoria associated" and "five sea" echoes, 72 Lake ornamental characteristics of eco-city. Binzhou Economic Development Zone into the fast lane construction, roads, squares, green spaces and other public facilities, and gradually form a complete set for the project construction, industry, provides a good supporting

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