Birthday Suit Speech

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Tonight, I lay here in this massive empty bed considering you, and how much I urge to have you here. I keep pondering what my reaction will be when I have you right here. I feel there will be nervousness and excitement just shooting through me. The shock of just having the ability to touch you may be overwhelming. Now, my mind begins to drift into a playful thought, and I decided to write it for you. Emotions running hot in the midst of a deep and a tense conversation, I ask you a serious question “Tell me, what do you consider the best accessories for your birthday suit?” There is a brief pause, but you respond with a giggle “It depends on occasion”. We both laugh loud and tease each other to model the birthday suit with different accessories. Sly like a…show more content…
There is a slight smell of moist sweat in the air. Struggling relentlessly, I recognize only one approach out of this, drawing you towards me, I bite at your shirt intent of tearing it off. You loosen your grasp slightly, moving closer I bite your chest like a hungry animal while my legs encompass your waist. You surrender one arm, as you sit upright. I grip the back of your neck and thrust myself close to you, the moist, heat from your breath flows across my neck. Desperately, I long for you to steal my breath, as you proceed in and press your lips to mine. Your kiss sends a spark of tingles descending to my breasts, creating a deep luscious compulsion. Clutching my ass you pull me into your body, instinctively I rip your shirt off and throw it behind us. I shove you back, while running my hands up your sweaty chest, across your tight shoulders, and descending your back. Biting my lip I claw up your back, thrusting my hips into yours, and drift in for your neck hungrily nibbling. As I tear off my shirt, you stand with me wrapped around you now skin to
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