My Day-Personal Narrative

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Maddie Roberts
Contemp Lit
4 October 2017
In the Stars
2 years before marriage Buzz buzz, my phone read “ Hey Amy I know you 're not doing anything tonight because you never do, so you need to come to this awesome Halloween party with this guy, one of my friends. He is perfect for you! I know you have been lonely since the last guy but I promise you really need to come.” What? There is no way that I am going on a blind date with someone I don 't even know. But she was right that I wasn 't doing anything tonight, so maybe I should go. I debated with myself on whether I should go or not, but I ended up going anyway. I drove up to the party and walked inside to meet my blind date. I find my friends and with the the most annoying guy
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She looked at her father, “yes Dad?” “ I love you, and I hope you’ll be happy for the rest of your life.” Amy smiled and hugged her father, “I love you too.” Amy pulled away from her father when she heard the music start to play, signaling her that it was time. She smiled and linked arms with her dad and began walking. As soon as David saw Amy his smile widened. Amy looked so beautiful. She blushed as she made eye contact with David. He looked so handsome. She couldn 't believe that she was the one who was marrying him. Her father unlinked her arm from his, kissed her forehead and took his seat. Amy turned and faced David. “ Dearly beloved, we are gathered hear to celebrate the marriage of David Ron Jackson and Amy Elizabeth Smith.” The Pastor continued to talk and the couple couldn’t stop smiling at eachother. It came to the part where the couple had to exchange vows, and David said his vows first. “All of my life I have been chasing the idea of love, and finding the perfect person and that being the most beautiful moment in my life. Love was the only thing that mattered. But you have taught me that love isn 't just an emotion. Love is waking up next to you every morning Love is watching you yell at the tv whenever your favorite football team doesn 't get a touchdown. Love is being your best friend. And being your best friend is the best thing in the whole wide world. Amy Elizabeth Smith, you are my most beautiful moment in life. You are the only thing I need in life.” After his vows he placed the ring on her finger. Amy said hers. “Choosing the person who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with is one of the most important decision I will ever make because if it 's wrong it will turn my night sky 's to darkness. Your friendship has brought beautiful twinkling stars and a big bright moon to my dark sky. You have been there in the darkest of times and I am the luckiest person alive to have you in my life. I have realized no matter where
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