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Boxing Boxing was a really big step and a hard challenge to face, I was boxing for about 4 years started back in 2012. Boxing itself has taught me a lot about discipline and dedication just being in the gym everyday learning new things about boxing and also as in life, hard work and being dedicated to something will really change a lot about your way of living you yourself will see a change in you cause I remember i did boxing for 4 years changed me alot. Starting my amature career in 2012 at authenic boxing club, I would always be the first waiting at the door to get in and I would train hard for 3 hours straight. But there was something about me getting into the ring I was always the kid hiding never wanting to get in the ring but would be a beast at training. But my coach and some few pros that were training there really had a talk to me saying I had the skills and the potential to go after it before it 's too late, That 's what i did i faced my fears little did you know i was giving the bigger people and the ones with more experience trouble in boxing matches my coach always told me that i was like a “a fighting pitbull” cause i 'm all quiet and don 't say much but once i get in the ring i 'm mean totally like a whole different person. I started winning a lot of fights and big tournaments i was fighting big names guys that had a lot of experience and had gone to the nationals and just been around longer than i was boxing those guys, but one name stood out more

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