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# 46 Timeless Updo
This braided updo is a good choice if you’re looking for a hairstyle that will last all day (or all night!) and it will work well for those with hair that ends just past the shoulders. It’s a timeless hairstyle that will look great with any colors although this sandy brown and vanilla blend with dark shadow roots is especially pretty.

# 47 Opalescent Mermaid
When we think of mermaids this is just what we have in mind – thick braids and milky opalescent shades. This models hair is a masterpiece of color – an ashy platinum blonde interspersed with streaks of light mauve and opal green. The stylist has fashioned her locks into a thick double braid and finished off the hairstyle with an elemental clip.

# 48 Braid Me Up
This models hair begins with a blue black base color that slowly saturates into shades of cream and mint green. Her medium length locks have been braided in small
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These looks are timeless and elegant and once you’ve added a few flowers or pretty clips you’ll be feeling every bit the princess! The key to looks like this is to tame those flyaway’s for a clean, flawless finish.
# 52 Low Braided Bun
Braided hairstyles don’t need to be pristine to look incredible so if you’ve got curly hair don’t be afraid to experiment with up styles like this. Here two thin braids come down on each side and the bottom section of hair has been braided and then twisted into a low bun. This is a low maintenance look well suited to everyday wear.
# 53 Sweet and Innocent
Looking a romantic hairstyle for your date this weekend? Your guy won’t be able to keep his eyes off you in this one. It’s pretty simple too – add a simple braid behind your ear and gather up your hair at the base of your neck. Then fashion into a fold over bun and use hairpins to secure. Remember to leave a small section in front loose to add a few romantic curls. Voila!

# 54 Thin Hair

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