Descriptive Essay: My Trip To Brazil

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As one of the most attractive places in the world, Brazil is the South America’s giant, a glittering country of powdery white-sand beaches, immaculate rainforests, and wild and melodious metropolises. With all of Brazil’s awe-inspiring natural beauty and rich cultural wealth, it should come as no surprise that the Brazilians themselves are also fabulously diverse. However these phenomena come at a certain price, as behind these glamorous tourist attractions, Brazil has a bad reputation for drug trade, murder and robbery. The streets are crawling with blood and homicides seem normal in everyday life. Not being pickpocketed and robbed is seen as a miracle. I had one-week trip to Brazil last year and can still remember that the weather was absolutely wonderful, with the sun shining like a fireball, and it was clear sky for the most of time. Earlier in the morning, I had helped an old lady to the nearest hospital, as she slipped on the stairs and hurt her ankle. I was strolling down one of the busiest streets in Rio de Janeiro. Everyone was so focussed on their work: people were trying to sell fruits, some taxi-drivers were asking tourists if they would need a ride, others were having intense conversations with each other. I was trying to find a restaurant and wondering if I should ask…show more content…
When we started to have a conversation, he seemed to be a very nice and humorous person. In addition, when you really got to know him, it was quite easy to get along with him. He asked if he could offer any help for me, so I decided to ask him where the restaurant is. He said that he would be delighted to guide me the way to the restaurant in person. For the first time, I felt how eager Brazilian people are when it comes to helping people. The time passed very quickly, as we had a very intimidating conversation, and it felt that we have arrived at the restaurant in no
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