Rodent Speech

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You think chinchillas are not interesting? We bet you are wrong – 13 Pictures
We all like to see interesting pictures with cute animals and to watch their videos. However, when we hear somebody was impressed with a rodent on the Internet, it is hard to believe that is the truth. Now we will introduce you the cutest rodent in the world, as this little furry friend will melt your heart.
Rodent with a style
Bubu is chinchilla that enjoys every aspect of animals’ life. She is surrounded with enormous love and fantastic things that make her life more interesting. You think only girls like Hello Kitty? Just take a look and find out how this cute rodent spare her life doing all with like a stylish lady.
Oh those shoes
There is no woman who doesn’t
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Wow, are you scared if the tower will fall from the pressure under the rodent’s legs? We are not worried about that, she can always get another one.
Small things for a lady
No, it is not in the woman’s nature to go abroad and get back home without precious things from a journey. If this stands for all the women, why it shouldn’t be a rule for a furry animal? Cute packaging of Sephora’s cosmetic might be a good choice.
Eating a grass
It is not easy to make Bubu eating grass, as she enjoys more in strawberries and other sweet food. But, when grass is decorated in a special way, it is attractive and tricky. We can now be sure why this pet is special, as everything has to be perfectly decorated, even food.
Home magic
There is no place like home, you can do whatever you like. This little chinchilla has a big luck in her life. Everything is in the sign of a princess, even the vehicle for the indoor drive. Can you imagine having this chinchilla in your house?
The sound of drums
If you say you have never seen chinchilla playing drums, don’t be worried. We believe you didn’t, as Bubu is the unique example of her breed that can do something like this. Well, this is new activity for her as well, but don’t you think she is capable to achieve
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