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I do not remember much about the first time I went to Buca di Beppo Italian Restaurant. The only thing I really recall about that evening was how much I enjoyed it. Since then, dining at Buca for my birthday evolved into a family tradition I have become very fond of. Buca di Beppo is anything but an ordinary Italian restaurant. The expansive menu of unique and delicious food is sure to please any palate. The detailed and cozy feel of the ambiance makes you feel at home every time you visit and the caring and helpful service from the waiters and waitresses help to make you feel welcome and important whether you are eating alone or with family. Observing the food, ambiance and service at Buca Di Beppo, one could tell that it is a exceptional…show more content…
The ceiling is not very high up, there is strange lighting across the many rooms and there are hundreds of interesting Italian themed photos and decorations strewn about the walls. Yet, this does not ruin the experience in the slightest. In turn, it enhances the food, theme, and feel of the restaurant. The first time I went to Buca, I was very surprised at the choice of lighting. In combination with some regular lighting, they use what seems to be multicolored Christmas lights strung about the edges of the walls. This strangely seems to work out well. The lights bring out the colors of the decorations around the restaurant and weirdly, further adds to the small coziness of the establishment. Another interesting thing to note about the ambiance at Buca is the pictures on the walls. There are many pictures strewn about the walls of Buca di Beppo. They are not all of the same varieties as some show pictures of famous Italian figures, some are photos of celebrities visiting other Bucas in different states. There are even some pictures of dated advertising campaigns of American and Italian companies. These factors all work in effect to create a unique scenery that you probably will not find anywhere else. Another thing you many not find anywhere else is the excellent service that will await you at Buca di
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