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I just returned home to Spain following a three-month trip to Florida and thought that other fellow travellers like me would be interested in hearing about an airline that most of us had never flown.

The airline in question is Portugal’s national carrier Tap Portugal and how I was pleasantly surprised by the entire experience including using Lisbon as a hub for any future flights.

To set the scene for you, the trip was to visit a friend of mine who lives in the upmarket town of Boca Raton, Florida. The name Boca Raton will be familiar to fans of the Jerry Seinfeld show as the place where Jerry’s parents retired to New York from.

Not only is “Boca” as the locals call it full of retirees escaping the bitter cold of the north, it is also a
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The best deal I could find was on Turkish Airlines for 630€, but it would mean flying first to Istanbul in the wrong direction and then staying overnight at Ataturk International before a long 13-hour flight to Miami.

Steadfast I continued to surf the web, convinced that if I kept searching I could find a better price, so decided to wait a few more days before pulling the trigger and booking a flight.

Two days later there it was, TAP Portugal was offering a round-trip ticket to Miami via Lisbon from Valencia for less than 500€. I could not believe my luck and jumped on the deal straight away, which consequently has now led to me having a new favourite airline for my adventures.

The reason I was able to source such a decent fare is because TAP Portugal is aggressively marketing the airline and Lisbon in the United States, in the hope of convincing Americans to make the Portuguese capital their entry point in Europe, and with two new routes serving Boston and New York with state-of-the-art A330 aircraft and a trendy city like Lisbon to explore they are certainly making a strong-case while undercutting their rivals with very competitive
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