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It is a shame if you do not visit one of cafés during your trip in Hanoi especially when Vietnam is the home of the best coffee in South East Asia. If you wonder about which place to enjoy Vietnamese coffee, we will introduce you all the best cafés in Hanoi Old Quarter.
1. Cafe Giang
Located in the Old Quarter, Café Giang promises to bring you a throwback to the past of Hanoi. Even though it is not really spacious, this café will certainly make you comfortable with cozy atmosphere. Tourists may immerse in the peaceful morning or evening of Hanoian while slipping a warm cup of coffee.
Café Giang is certainly the master of Vietnamese egg coffee with the secret recipe passing down from Mr. Giang, the founder of this café and a former bartender in 5-star Sofitel Legend Metropole. The surprisingly simple ingredients like yolk of chicken egg, Vietnamese coffee powder, condensed milk can be made into a super tasty drink. One important part to make excellent egg coffee is the perfectly balance between the fat of the egg and the fragrance of the coffee. Feel Free to explore Hanoi Old Quarter and stop at Café Giang, a place which you will never forget.
2. Café Dinh
As one of the best places famous for their egg coffee in Hanoi, Café Dinh is established by Mrs. Bich, daughter of Mr. Giang. Therefore, it is no doubt that this popular beverage has more or less the same outstanding quality in Café Giang.
A notable feature that Café Dinh has is the great view to Hoan Kiem Lake on the

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