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A lot of people don’t like camping in the forest. Most people just like to stay at home and don`t bother getting out of their comfort zone. I, on the other hand, believe these types of activities are perfect to keep your mind and body healthy and it is the perfect excuse for not responding to the few messages and calls you will receive on the weekend. What I didn’t realize was that camping could get really dangerous. I usually go to camp with a lot of friends, from five to seven, but on this experience only four friends were able to join me. This was kind of a bad start because a small group of people is not enough supporting in case something bad happens. Usually, bad things don`t happen so we tried not to make a big deal out of it and tried staying confident that only four of us was enough to make it through the weekend. When we arrived to the forest we started to assemble the camping tent and we realized that we had really poor materials to explore the forest, like a lantern and compass. A good quality of lanterns is really important, without this it is almost impossible to explore the forest at night,…show more content…
At this point it was getting darker, it was six o`clock in the afternoon and we were to far from the camping tent, so we decided to go back with the little sunlight that was remaining because the flashlight was not enough to let us see the path. One of my friends said that it was better to keep walking until we find the camping tent or a good place to stay the night, so we decide to do that. Eventually it got really dark we couldn’t see anything, during the walk we heard a water flow of the river, by them we knew that we got out of direction were the camping tent was and that we were really far from it. Our mainly concern was the way we will make it throw the night without getting a poisonous insect bite or falling on a big

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