My Unforgettable Day In My Life Of A Car

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It was the summer of 2017, on an early Thursday morning. The air was dense and foggy that morning. The hood of my Camaro had water bubbles all over it. I was so anxious to slide in the driver and meet up with my friends, hear the sound of the motor rev up, and most importantly cause some havoc. With the whole day ahead of me, I was ready to put the pedal to the metal.
As summer was in full swing I was feeling great. One of my favorite things to do is hang out with my friends and go to car shows. One of my favorite cars shows we went to is the one in Toluca, IL. My buddies and I walked up and down that street as much as we could just looking at the cars and talking to the owners about them. If there is one thing people take pride in, it is
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The one thing a sports car is good for is clearing my mind. With my mind going a 100 mph all day it’s nice to just be able to go for a drive listen to the motor rev up and crank the tunes. So with a stressful day of work i needed some time to myself. It was kinda late at night and i was planning on going for a pretty long drive so i drove to Caseys and filled my tank up with fuel. As i'm pumping gas i can hear the numbers ticking and all i can think about is money flying out of my pocket but with the day i hate from people yelling at me telling me to do somethings i just needed my own time so i was okay wasting 20 dollars. When your drive as much as me you tend to know the back roads like the back of your hand. Which is really good because you find roads that you like and then you find the ones that are bad and you don’t drive on them again. So as the pump clicked i went over and put the nozzle back in its stop and when inside to pay i came back out slide in the driver seat and when into my zone of driving. As i turned the key and slammed it in drive i gripped the steering wheel tight i left off the brake and pealed out onto 116 heading west. I turned right at the four mile corner and headed all the way to goodfield. When i got to goodfield i hopped on the interstate and drove on that for 30 miles til i got to Pontiac. When i got there i headed back through Flanagan and benson then finally i made it home. With a long drive, i felt like a new
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