Descriptive Essay About Carter Lake

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My house at Carter Lake had a fresh smell, trees surrounded our house and our 13 acres of land. The trees were mostly pine and gave off a strong pine odor at certain times of the year. Most of the time the lake smelt like fish, but some of the time it smelt kind of fresh and just the smell you imagine when you think of nature. We also raised english Bulldogs so it didn 't catch me by surprised if I walked out to the kennels and it didn 't smell pleasant.
The taste of things often take me back to the 11 years I spent in that house. I remember the taste of popcorn because my dad seemed to always have a bowl laying around somewhere. Also, anytime I eat tacos I think of Carter Lake because they were my favorite childhood meal. La grandes was our go to restaurant since it was only maybe one minute away, anytime we go there now it takes me back to when we would always go eat there and all the memories we made in that place. The waves splashing on the shore and the sound of my voice echoing out of the sky when I yell mean more to me than what people would think. Most people don’t pay any mind to these things but to me it brings back to me and my sister yelling into the sky off of the top of our slide and my parents telling us to stop because the neighbors are going to think something bad is happening to us. The waves hitting the shore remind me of fishing with my uncle and walks around the lake with my family or friends.
As a kid, I remember the touch of puppies. Every time a

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