Narrative Essay My Favorite Place

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My house at Carter Lake had a fresh smell, trees surrounded our house and our 13 acres of land. The trees were mostly pine and gave off a strong pine odor at certain times of the year. Most of the time the lake smelt like fish, but some of the time it smelt kind of fresh and just the smell you imagine when you think of nature. We also raised english Bulldogs so it didn 't catch me by surprised if I walked out to the kennels and it didn 't smell pleasant.
The taste of things often take me back to the 11 years I spent in that house. I remember the taste of popcorn because my dad seemed to always have a bowl laying around somewhere. Also, anytime I eat tacos I think of Carter Lake because they were my favorite childhood meal. La grandes was our
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I think of riding my bike up and down the dirt road, I think of bloody knees from falling on the gravel, and I also think of the street lights because if those come on and I wasn 't home I wouldn 't be seeing outside for the next couple of days. I remember playing on the DSI with my sisters. How many competitions can you make with Mario Kart? Well, more than you think. Me and my sisters constantly made different contest to see who was the true “gamer” in the family. I also remember playing with baby dolls with my sister. Believe it or not when I was younger I was all into the baby dolls, lipstick and yes the dresses too. From playing outside on the trampoline with no worries in my head to parents divorced and our family going through some things no family should ever have to deal with. My childhood was the ideal childhood and I can 't thank my parent enough for allowing me to have such a perfect childhood up until the age of 9. `
I learned so many lessons growing up in that house. I learned how to love. I learned what it felt like to be appreciative for what I have and not take things for granted. I also learned smaller things like how to care for myself, how to be truthful, and to not talk to strangers. I learned how to accept another family and love them like my own. I learned how to cope with my family issues and I figured out how to understand why things
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