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Our day started out as it always does, girls getting coffee from the restaurant below us, someone’s subway pass not working, and a 15-minute subway ride to meet up with Cheryl. As we walked with Cheryl to Casa Batlló you could automatically tell the building we were going into by the architecture and the description we got from our tour guide, Sandra, the night before. The building is truly built in Gaudi fashion. Casa Batlló is one of many buildings in Barcelona designed by Antoni Gaudi. Gaudi used the sea as a point of inspiration for this building. He used glass windows, curved lines, and specific colors to give the building an underwater feel. “I enjoyed how Gaudi incorporated nature into the architecture,” said Alexa Kinnison, “The curved lines and cool colors mimicked the ocean which I thought was really refreshing.” You will find no straight lines in this building because they are all curved like ocean waves. Looking at the building it is a lot to take in but had a tranquil effect on you. As we walked…show more content…
A friend had taken his life in the city, so as the artist returned, he focused on what he referred to as the ‘real Paris.’ With this new perspective, he drew subjects that resided in places such as psychiatric hospitals and homeless shelters. This period of Picasso’s paintings is accurately called the ‘Blue Period’ because of the content of his work and that they are in many different shades and hues of the color itself. Sandra explained that this is when Picasso really began to gain popularity with the upper class because it was so different from the “cupcake and happy” paintings of Monet, Renoir, and other impressionist painters. Sandra also emphasized that Picasso “captured the psychology of the character in the painting” rather than just having a painting of the form, he was able to portray what was happening

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