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Day one: Beijing - Dubai - Casablanca Assemble at Capital International Airport to Casablanca (flight for reference: Emirates Airlines EK307 from 00:40 to 05:00, Transit Stop in Dubai for 2h25m, EK751 from 07:25 to 12:45, total flight time about 17h40m). Casablanca, also known as “Dar el Beida”, 88 kilometers away from the capital Rabat bordering the Atlantic Ocean, is the biggest city in Morocco. It has evergreen trees and mild weather. Overlook the city from the sea, you can see the blue sky and sea with a white outline in the middle. It is also the famous historical city and economic center of Morocco, which is praised as “the Lung of Morocco” and “the Bride of the Atlantic”. Besides, Casablanca is home to the world’s famous Hassan II…show more content…
“Marrakesh” is derived from Berber meaning “the Hometown of the God”. As one of Morocco 's four former imperial cities, Marrakesh has been the capital of Morocco twice. It has always remained the exotic charm and was once a temporary lodging for the business travel group with camel. The reddish-brown buildings has given the city the nick name of the “Red City”, an ancient city making people feel warm. Marrakesh boasts the biggest square of Morocco, the Berber Market, and the busiest square in Africa and even in the world, Jamaa el Fna, from sunrise to sunset, with the hectic scene, injecting Marrakesh the infinite…show more content…
Day 4: Marrakesh - Ait Ben Haddou - Ouarzazate Go to Ouarzazate after breakfast (about 185 kilometers, a 3.5-hours drive), across the Atlas Mountains pass with an elevation of 2260 meters. The road extends from the valley and the steep mountains, showing people the primitive sightseeing. We can feast our eyes on the glorious landscape. Climb the hill in the Ksar of Ait Ben Haddou near the river valley (you should stop shooting if the river valley begins to rise). The Ksar of Ait Ben Haddou, originally built in the 8th century, is a small village of the Atlas Mountains of Sourthern Morocco. It is a defensive residential area built by Berbers living here for generations with the purpose of defending the plunder from bandits. In 1987, the UNESCO added it to the List of World Heritage. Besides, it is Hollywood directors’ favorite location, where more than 20 Hollywood blockbusters has been shot. Such as Lawrence of Arabia, The Jewel of the Nile and The Mummy. Later, go to Ouarzazate (about 30 kilometers, a 30-minute drive), and visit the film city. Known as the “Hollywood of Africa”, it is a shooting spt of many famous films, including Gladiator, The Four Feathers, Romancing the Stone, Cleopatra, Inshalla, The Jewel of the Nile, Lawrence of Arabia, Spy Game and so

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